Friends by heart, sisters by soul...

We connected from the start. Our purpose brought us together and we have chosen to walk together a path of freedom. We have planted the seeds to cultivate peaceful and harmonious gardens, Freedom Gardens. 

Tina Gibbs
She is a caring wife, patient mother, loving daughter, loyal friend, free artist, a natural healer and compassionate teacher.
Born and raised in Evansville, Indiana she graduated from Purdue University in 2001 with a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design. After five years as an Interior Designer, her life took a slight turn and led her to the next ten years as a mortgage loan officer.

She faced many struggles during that time, but pushed through with faith, trust, and support by her side. Going through some physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health challenges only made her stronger, wiser, and put her exactly where she needed to be today.

 That ‘special’ quest eventually led her directly towards her calling to open her own art-based, whole brain therapy practice, Beautiful Minds, Heart & Soul, to help kids and adults with various types of brain injuries and disorders to improve their quality of life along with becoming a certified yoga instructor, Pranic Healer, and Master MnemeTherapist.

She loves her little family of three...husband Andy and 12 year old daughter Alyvia.  They all moved to St. Augustine, Florida in June 2018 for the search of a new adventure. Tina recently landed at the Florida Autism Center working as an Administrative Assistant and loves the FAC family!  

“I lead with my heart and use fear and faith as my guide.  I embrace uncertainty and curiously ask myself with Freedom, Love, and Trust…Wonder what is next.”  ~ Tina
Johanna Lugo
 She is a wife, daughter, friend, advocate, nature's enthusiast and coffee fan, but most importantly, she is a "special mother" to three very 'special kids': Joaquin , Sebastian and Camila. 
Her path was redirected when her son Joaquin  was diagnosed with developmental disabilities at age four. After his diagnosis,  Johanna and her family embarked in the most challenging, but yet rewarding journey  of their lives. 

She is a native of Puerto Rico and graduated from Syracuse University in 2000.   Following her path, she moved to St Johns two years ago. She works as the  Administrative Operations Manager of Florida Autism Center in St. Augustine.

She is a  proud graduate of the Partners in Policy Making, a leadership and advocacy training  program that teaches individuals with developmental disabilities and  parents to  become community leaders and catalysts for systems change. She is also a graduate of the NAMI Family-to-Family program, an educational program for family, friends, and caregivers of people living with mental illness. Johanna is now in the process of completing her MnemeTherapist certification.

When she is not serving as her children's Uber driver, driving them all over town, Johanna enjoys cycling, jogging, photography and staying in her pajamas watching  80's romantic movies. 

"I have experienced it all, there have been very dark days, there have been very  joyful days, but I have chosen to hold on to the latter. My path wouldn't be the same without the support of other "special people" who have hold me when I have been weak and who have celebrated my victories as theirs. This is a path you don't have to walk alone!"
~ Johanna